Thursday, November 11, 2010

Artbook project.


I have talked to couple of people already and I am still looking for more people since I am planning for this book to be approximately around 90-100 pages. Though technically it's 45-50 pages since 1 side of the page will be just pure black unless the paintings are landscape format.
This is to be done so that two pieces are not to be on the same pages, so that story can be told by flipping the pages.

Like the example below

So more the better. (Though not more than 15)

The idea of this book is.....

-The story/genre is going to be set in cyber-punk world. (E.g. Blade Runner, Final Fantasy VII, Fifth element, Akira, Ghost in the shell) Since this is the genre where you can do all kinds of stuff.

-The whole book itself will be a story book, containing pages of fully colored paintings with no text and definitions. (can be done either in digital and/or traditional)

-The interesting thing about this project is that you are both the artist and story-teller at the same time.

-Funny thing with this is, even though it's a story book, there is no story....yet.
YOU are the story-teller, meaning it will works as a text-less graphic novel but in full page.

-Each artists will come up with their OWN story and idea and paint.
-Then the next person will come up with their OWN idea again and paint it, following the story in the previous paintings.
(It doesnt have to contain exact same characters and layout, the idea is to make the story flow)
(E.g. let's say one person paints about "two people trying to survive" and the next person paints about "prostitution".
Even though these two are different subjects, they somehow "connect", that these two subjects are present in the same world.

-So as you flip through the pages, the story connects from one artist's painting to another artist's.
(Same story but different point-of views)


These are the brief ideas about my artbook project. I will post about the processes and by next week.

Thank you all.